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ODEON Acoustics Simulation Software


Location: Creta Maris Conference Center

Date | Time: Sunday, May 27,  2018 |  09:00 - 16:00


George Koutsouris – ODEON Support, Research and Development.

Jens Holger Rindel - ODEON Senior Researcher

The Course

This introductory course is for users who have basic experience in room acoustics, and covers lectures and hands-on exercises for learning the basics of ODEON Room Acoustics Software. A license is provided for use during the course. Hands-on exercises and useful publications are also supplied during the course.

Please make sure to download the latest version of the software from https://odeon.dk/downloads/odeon-installations-updates/, as well as SketchUp Make 2017, available from https://www.sketchup.com/download/all.

Participants should bring their own computers with the above software installed, or have administrator rights in order to install it before the course starts. ODEON is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10 (32 or 64-bit). SketchUp Make 2017 is only available for 64-bit systems.

Course fee

The fee for the course including the course material and refreshments is 100 €





Room modelling
What is important when modelling rooms for use in ODEON and what features are used in to ease CAD-files import (.dxf, .3ds etc.). The use of layers. The Modelling options in 3D View. Using SketchUP and the SU2Odeon plugin. Hands-on exercise.


ODEON, basic workflow
Sources and receivers. Materials. Room setup and calculation parameters. The Job list. Results (single/multi-point responses, grid responses). Hands-on exercise.


Cofee Break


Calculation methods in ODEON – the theory behind
Early and late reflections. Scattering – Diffraction.

12:00 Lunch

Principle and use of a single source signal. HRTFs and headphone filters. Streaming convolution. Mixing multiple sources and signals. Hands-on exercise.


Examples of applications
Room acoustics: Auditoria, concert halls, open-plan offices, restaurants etc. Industrial applications: Line/surface sources, sound transmission.

14:30 Cofee Break

Room Acoustic Measurements with ODEON
Hardware requirements – setting up the PC. Making measurements and importing results into a room for comparison with simulations.


Reports, presentations and GIF animations
Graphics,  data,  auralisations.  How  to  use  the  simulation  results  for  further analyses. Export graphics to reports or presentations. Capture and edit animations.

15:30 New features in ODEON 15
15:45 Final remarks and time for discussion
16:00 End of the day

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For more info please contact Gitte Freudendal, Secretary Sales and Marketing, ODEON A/SThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.