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Conference_programme: 10.3 - Effects of noise on work-related communication disorders

Lecture: Are broadcasting an occupation at risk of hearing loss?

Author(s): Cantor-Cutiva Lady Catherine, Bottalico Pasquale, Hunter Eric J

Purpose: Determine the relationship between noise exposure with hearing functioning of radio broadcasters. Method: One-week longitudinal study with the participation of two broadcasters. Participants were monitored at the beginning and at the end of the working week. Pre-monitoring assessment on Monday and post-monitoring assessment on Friday were performed to identify short-term effects of work-related noise exposure on hearing functioning of radio broadcasters. Result: During a one-week follow-up, noise conditions during radio broadcasting were below occupational exposure limits and without consequences on hearing functioning. Conclusion: Our results indicate that occupational noise exposure represented minimal risk for hearing problems but the consequences of long-term noise exposure on hearing mechanisms may yet occur. Therefore, radio broadcasting may be an occupation at risk to develop work-related hearing loss.

Corresponding author

Name: Dr Lady Catherine Cantor-Cutiva

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Country: United States