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Conference_programme: 10.2 - Building Acoustics and Health

Lecture: Effects of indoor and outdoor noise on residents’ annoyance and blood pressure

Author(s): Park Sang Hee, Lee Pyoung Jik

This study explored the relationships between responses to indoor and outdoor noises in multi-family housing buildings. In particular, floor impact noise induced by neighbours as well as road traffic and railway noises were considered. Participants were recruited from three different apartment complexes in urban areas of South Korea. Three hundred residents (one hundred from each site) took part in the study. Each participant was asked to respond to a questionnaire survey and measure his/her blood pressure. The questionnaire contained questions about some of their socio-demographic characteristics, noise sensitivity, and annoyance caused by indoor noise (floor impact noise) and outdoor noise (road traffic noise and railway noise). All the participants’ blood pressures were measured in order to investigate whether the exposure to the noise have adverse cardiovascular health effects. Some variables such as noise sensitivity were also examined if they have significant influences on the annoyance ratings and blood pressure. It was found that annoyance ratings to both indoor and outdoor noises were associated with blood pressure. Moreover, self-reported noise sensitivity was found to be significantly correlated with the annoyance ratings and blood pressure.

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