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Conference_programme: 10.2 - Building Acoustics and Health

Lecture: An Investigation into the Soundscape Harmony between Historic Mausoleum and Modern Urban Park

Author(s): Fu Yao, Xiong Ting, Zhang Yuan

As a main content of public open space, urban parks provide high-quality restorative environment for citizens. Beiling Park is a modern urban park centred on Zhao Tomb from the Qing dynasty, which is located in Shenyang, China, a typical high-density city. It is invaluable in the history, culture and urban wellbeing to Shenyang. Its quiet and solemn mausoleum area is adjacent to the uproarious leisure area, making sound harmony a concern. In this study, soundscape data were collected from both acoustic measurements and perceptual evaluations; Soundwalk and interview were taken to generate the distribution and composition of soundscape along the main touring route; a series of correlation analyses were carried out to confirm the relationship between the tourist’s acoustic experience and soundscape characteristics to find out problems in soundscape harmony.

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Name: Dr Yuan Zhang

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