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Conference_programme: 10.2 - Building Acoustics and Health

Lecture: Experimental research for skull vibration from vocalization impact on cerebrospinal fluid circulation

Author(s): Li Hui, Yan Xiang, Wang Jianghua

This experimental research was inspired by the Jindrak Hypothesis brought up in 1988 by Jindrak K.F. and Jindrak H. After some acoustical tests, a personal vibro-acoustical spell can be composed leading to strong skull vibration when it was read by the specific person. 6 subjects, who were randomly chosen from 18 people who had a personal vibro-acoustical spell, were undergoing a MRI scan before and after reading the spell for 15 mins. The results was that all of the 6 subjects` cerebrospinal fluid forward flow volume in aqueduct of sylvius were increased. The cerebrospinal fluid forward flow volume in aqueduct of sylvius is positively correlated to the cerebrospinal fluid circulation flow rate. The conclusion is that the skull vibration from vocalization could accelerate the cerebrospinal fluid circulation.

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Name: Ms Hui Li

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Country: China