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Conference_programme: 10.2 - Building Acoustics and Health

Lecture: Human sleep in silent environment: experiment and results

Author(s): Chen Yuxiao, Yan Xiang, Li Hui, Guo Jing

It’s commonly believed that noise has certain influences on human sleep. Many researches have studied the influence of noise on sleep by adding certain noise to volunteer subjects’ sleeping environments. In this experiment, this influence was studied by comparing people’s sleeping qualities in a quiet space which has a background noise under 5dB(A) with common bedrooms which have background noises between 22-48dB(A). 35 volunteer subjects were wearing sleep evaluation head band when sleeping in the silent room and at their homes with measured background noise. From the results there can be found that there is an overall improvement of people’s sleeping qualities in the silent room compared with common bedrooms: the length of total sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep have averagely increased by 11.4%, 9.3%, and 12.2% respectively. The proportion of REM sleep length in total sleep length has averagely increased by 0.8%.

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