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Conference_programme: 10.2 - Building Acoustics and Health

Lecture: Effects of children characteristics on sound environment in fast food restaurants in China

Author(s): Liu Shanshan, Meng Qi, Kang Jian

Abstract: Fast food restaurants often contain children playgrounds. This study explores how various characteristics of children, including their number, ages and gender, affect the sound pressure level (SPL). Field surveys were performed at a KFC in Harbin city, China. The results show that the SPL can be increased with increasing number of children. When the number of children is less than 4, the SPL can be increased by 4.3dB per person, while when the number of children is more 7, the SPL can be increased by 1.5dB per person. It is interesting to note that the parents, who stayed around the playground, can effectively reduce SPL of children in some conditions, for example, when the number of children is less than 3 or their ages are less than 5. \n\n\nKeywords: Children; fast food restaurant; sound environment; playground\n

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