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Conference_programme: 10.1 - Noise and hearing aids: A bidirectional association

Lecture: Predicting impact of loud incidents on individual hearing for public health policy in the framework of EVOTION

Author(s): Dudarewicz Adam, Pawlaczyk-Łuszczyńska Małgorzata, Śliwińska-Kowalska Mariola, Katrakazas Panagiotis, Pontoppidan Niels Henrik, Koutsouris Dimitrios, Zaborowski Kamil

Exposure to excessive sound pressure levels may result in temporary or permanent deterioration of hearing. Avoiding situations where inordinate noise levels are apparent, increases the protection of the hearing system from damage. The monitoring of sound and noise exposure allows to recognize the circumstances under which potentially harmful sound levels may occur. With the EVOTION platform (www.h2020evotion.eu) recognition of loud sound incidents will be monitored in patients with hearing loss during usage of the hearing aids. Depending on the outcomes of the evaluation of such episodes, appropriate preventive actions should be taken, e.g. informing users about environment conditions or activities that may be a source of harmful exposure to noise. \nSharing the sound/noise exposure data with health care professionals allows to counsel the user about their hearing habits. Moreover combining the sound exposure data from many users enables public authorities to investigate health policy actions for noise exposure. \nDuring the first stage of the EVOTION project, a demonstrator program was developed, which relied on sound exposure data measured at outside situations, combined with available static clinical data (i.e. audiograms). These data undergone pre-processing techniques so as to be encapsulated into data coming from a real-time recording performed by EVOTION hearing aids during a rock concert. The simulated pool of rock concert attendees with hearing loss problems was fed to a public health policy decision model.

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