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Conference_programme: 10.1 - Noise and hearing aids: A bidirectional association

Lecture: Audio signal processing for hearing Instruments. An overview – Part III

Author(s): Oreinos Christos, Vatti Marianna, Georganti Eleftheria, Xenaki Angeliki

Hearing instruments (HIs) aim at helping people with hearing impairment who often have difficulties to understand speech in noisy environments. In this talk, we provide an overview of state-of-the-art signal processing algorithms used in modern digital hearing instruments (hearing aids and cochlear implants). The widely used algorithmic blocks, such as amplification, compression, noise reduction systems, beamforming etc. will be described. The aspects related to the extensions of such algorithms for applications will be discussed, especially in the case where microphone signals are employed from both the left and right HIs (binaural case). Moreover, the concepts of environment classification for automatically controlling the settings of an HI in different listening situations will be presented and the challenges for the optimal parametrization and steering of the hearing instrument algorithms will be outlined. This talk will be split in three parts. In the first two parts, emphasis will be given on the algorithmic blocks. In the third part, the current and future key challenges in the field of HI care of hearing impaired users will be discussed.

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Name: Dr Eleftheria Geo

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Country: Switzerland