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Conference_programme: 7: Computational acoustics

Lecture: A multivariate, well-conditioned asymptotic waveform evaluation for finite element solutions with complex parametric dependence

Author(s): Rumpler Romain, Göransson Peter

Most engineering applications involving solutions by numerical methods are dependent on several parameters, whose impact on the solution may significantly vary from one to the other. At times an evaluation of these multivariate solutions may be required at the expense of a prohibitively high computational cost. In the present work, a multivariate finite element approach is proposed, allowing for a fast evaluation of parametric responses. It is based on the construction of a reduced basis spanning a subspace able to capture rough variations of the response.\nThe method consists in an extension of the Well-Conditioned Asymptotic Waveform Evaluation (WCAWE) to multivariate problems, by an appropriate choice of derivative sequences, and a selection of the most relevant basis components.\nIt is validated and demonstrated for its potential on a 3D applications involving coupled poroelastic and internal acoustic domains.

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Name: Dr Romain Rumpler

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