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Conference_programme: 7: Computational acoustics

Lecture: Truncated Sphere Noise Field Modeling for Acoustic Applications

Author(s): Pandey Prabhanshu, Kumar Lalan, Agarwala Naresh K. , Lall Brejesh , Prasad Surendra

In many applications of beamforming and direction of arrival estimation, it is appropriate to assume that in addition to spatially white and directional interferences, there is an additional interference coming from an angular sector rather than a fixed angle. Examples of such noise arise in underwater acoustic and speech applications where an array of sensors is deployed to pick up a directional signal.\nWhile modeling and simulation of isotropic noise has been reported earlier, in this paper we try to\ndevelop a model for sector-based noise modeling, and simulation, where the noise field is assumed to be uniformly distributed over the surface of a sphere of a given solid angle specified by the limits of arbitrary azimuthal and elevation angles. The spatial coherence properties of such a noise field are explored and a method is proposed for its computation. The theoretical and computed results are seen to match very closely.

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