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Conference_programme: 6: Auralisation

Lecture: Auralization of Airborne Sound Transmission and Framework for Sound Insulation Filter Rendering

Author(s): Muhammad Imran, Heimes Anne, Vorländer Michael

In this study we purpose a framework for auralization of airborne sound transmission in complex buildings and develop the corresponding sound insulation filters for the evaluation of performance of building elements in terms of noise and comfort. This paper describes the implementation of airborne sound transmission based on ISO: 12354 Part-1 (2017) and comprehends the calculation procedures for sound insulation metrics. The filters are designed to predict the sound transmission between dwellings by partitions and by flanking structures in order to estimate the transfer functions between the sources and receivers. An example building is taken as a test case that consists of different type of elements and their constructions. The results for auralization of example building are presented for different source and receiver configurations in coupled rooms.

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Name: Mr Imran Muhammad

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Country: Germany