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Conference_programme: 6: Auralisation

Lecture: Spatial audio productions using different sets of HRTFs

Author(s): Kruh-Elendt André, Fiebig André, Sottek Roland

The past decade has seen an increase in the demand of 3D audio-visual material for numerous applications. Channel-based, object-based and scene-based approaches have been developed and improved for the reproduction of 3D audio using loudspeaker arrays, while the technology of binaural synthesis provides the best immersive audio experience for headphone reproduction. Although consumer-grade devices and applications now support many of these technologies, the scarcity of high-quality 3D audio content and the lack of adequate production tools are issues to be addressed. Binaural Tools for the Creative Industries (BINCI) is an EC-funded research project, aiming to create user-friendly tools for the production of spatial audio, which are integrated in typical workflows with digital audio workstations used by sound engineers and other members of the creative industry. The progress of the project and an overview of the underlying technologies are presented in this paper. Furthermore, focus is given to the measurement and individualization of HRTFs as well as on how different sets of HRTFs relate to the perceived level of immersion and presence.

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Name: Mr André Kruh-Elendt

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