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Conference_programme: 5: Audiology

Lecture: Low frequency hearing threshold in relation to predictability

Author(s): Van Dijk Chris, Dommels André

Low frequency hearing tests are uncommon, and for people that suffer low frequency noise disturbance often unavailable. Source detection of low frequency noise (lfn) is seldom straightforward and can therefore be costly. A developed semi-mobile low frequency hearing test should answer in an early stage if people that suffer low frequency noise can indeed hear the noise that is detected. After fabrication and installation of a large speaker and attenuator set for such tests, the set (Modorunai) was tested by performing audiological tests. Satisfied with the first results we introduced fading signals to see if these could be better detected because they can be more easily distinguished from blood circulation noise. Sufferers of lfn also mention thumping noise in their description of the suffered sounds. The results show that this type of noise significantly reduces the hearing threshold.

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Name: Mr Chris van Dijk

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Country: Netherlands