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Conference_programme: 13.1 - Noise Barriers / absorbive claddings / diffractive barrier tops

Lecture: Special Environmental Noise Evaluation Study in 10 locations, “PATHE – Section Maliakos – Kleidi” Motorway and Environmental Road Traffic Noise Monitoring Program

Author(s): Gerolymatou Georgia, Evagelou Thomai, Vogiatzis Konstantinou

Aegean Motorway S.A. has recently completed the design and construction phase of the “Maliakos – Kleidi” Motorway Project on PATHE, and has entered into the operation and maintenance phase of the 30-year long concession.\nThe Project entails, among others, the planning, design, financing and construction of a new 25-kilometer motorway, which includes eleven (11) km of twin tube tunnels, the rehabilitation of 230 km of existing motorway and finally the operation and maintenance of a 230 km motorway + 35 km of the Old National Road between Evangelismos and Skotina. \nIn 2015, Aegean Motorway produced a Special Environmental Noise Evaluation Study, recording noise levels at 10 locations along the motorway and considering appropriate noise reduction measures where required in compliance with European Directive 2002/49. Accurate noise models were developed based on detailed DTM ground models using the "NMPC-Routes-96 (SETRA-CERTU-LCPCCSTB)" calculation method and incorporating the latest road traffic data. Protection of affected areas from increased environmental noise levels was achieved with the implementation of reflective transparent noise barriers.\nThe Environmental Road Traffic Noise Monitoring Program for 2017 additionally considered fifteen 24-hour noise measurements (on hourly analysis) at specific geographic locations along the motorway (one 24-hour cycle per geographic location), using special automotive noise monitoring stations equipped with state-of-the-art statistical noise analyzers appropriately configured to meet the requirements of the European Directive. \nThe paper presents the results of the actual noise reduction against the expected environmental noise reduction divining from the implementation of the noise barriers.

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