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Conference_programme: 28: Wind turbine noise and Thermoacoustics

Lecture: Numerical Model for prediction of sound propagation emitted from wind turbines

Author(s): Hörmeyer Jasmin, Rolfes Raimund

The reliance on onshore wind energy increases as the energy sector shifts to renewable alternatives. The growth in onshore wind turbines also causes an increase of sound emission affecting local residents. In the cooperative project “WEA-Akzeptanz” an overall acoustic model will be developed including the sound generation, propagation and its perception.\nDue to complex atmospheric circumstances, a numerical model for the prediction of the sound propagation is necessary. Meteorological and topographical influences lead to geometrical effects, like refraction, which occurs especially at long distances. Therefore, the consideration of these circumstances and the implementation in a numerical model will be discussed.\nA simplified numerical model for sound propagation in the atmosphere will be presented in this contribution. With this model, a transferability from sound sources near the ground to high sources like wind turbines will be performed and analyzed. Additionally, the influence of sound propagation in long distances will be deliberated. Subsequently, the presented simplified model can be extended to precise the sound propagation of wind turbines in the future.

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Name: Ms Jasmin Hörmeyer

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Country: Germany