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Conference_programme: 27.1 - Underwater Noise I: Monitoring and modelling of the Ambient Noise

Lecture: Pilot experiments for monitoring ambient noise in Northern Crete

Author(s): Papadakis Panagiotis, Piperakis George, Skarsoulis Emmanuel, Taroudakis Michael, Orfanakis Emmanuel

In the framework of the quietMED project, pilot experiments for monitoring ambient noise were scheduled both at shallow and deep water depths. The first shallow water experiment took place May 2017 in Northern Crete near the Iraklion port. A second experiment is planned to take place December 2017 in the same location. At both experiments low-cost autonomous systems for underwater acoustic recordings have being used. These recorders were developed and manufactured at the laboratory of Underwater Acoustic Measurements of the Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics of FORTH using custom made and off the shelf components. The systems were calibrated so that they can be used for measurements of ambient noise along with other potential applications. In this paper the systems components and their operation and features will be briefly descripted. Results of initial tests at the laboratory including calibration of the system in air at low frequencies will be presented. Finally results of the first two pilot experiments near Heraklion port will be presented and discussed. Comparing the ambient noise measured in the two experiments, the seasonal change between summer and winter of the ambient noise - at 1/3 octave bands - will be shown and discussed.

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Corresponding author

Name: Dr Panagiotis Papadakis

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