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Conference_programme: 27.1 - Underwater Noise I: Monitoring and modelling of the Ambient Noise

Lecture: QUIETMED : A European Project aiming at the harmonization of the European strategy on Marine Ambient Noise Monitoring

Author(s): Taroudakis Michael, Skarsoulis Emmanuel, Papadakis Panagiotis, Piperakis George

The QUITMED Project is funded by DG Environment of the European Commission within the call “DG ENV/MSFD Second Cycle/2016”. The QUIETMED project aims to enhance cooperation among Member States in the Mediterranean Sea to implement the Second Cycle of the Marine Directive through: i) promoting a common approach at Mediterranean level to update GES and Environmental targets related to Descriptor 11 in each MS marine strategies ii) development of methodological aspects for the implementation of ambient noise monitoring programs iii) development of a joint monitoring programme of impulsive noise based on a common register, including gathering and processing of available data on underwater noise.\nThe presentation will summarize the main objectives of the project and in particular the role of the FORTH/IACM group. Preliminary activities of the group and related results will also be presented and discussed.\nAcknowledgment : Project funded by the EC-DG Environment “DG ENV/MSFD Second Cycle/2016”

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Name: Prof Michael Taroudakis

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Country: Greece