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Conference_programme: 25.3 - Noise from bridges and bridge joints

Lecture: Acoustic characteristics and noise control measures for steel road bridges

Author(s): Dittrich Michael, Van Vliet Willem-Jan

Moveable road bridges with large traffic flow and heavy vehicles are a potential source of noise disturbance for nearby dwellings. Low frequency noise caused by heavy vehicles can be disturbing, but also mid-frequency noise from joints and interaction between tyres and the bridge deck. The Netherlands has many such bridges, in particular bascule bridges, some of which are a cause of complaints due to annoyance or sleep disturbance. The Dutch Road Authority Rijkswaterstaat takes noise abatement into account when bridges are replaced, renovated or newly constructed. Different noise control solutions have been attempted with varying results. TNO and Rijkswaterstaat are working on improved solutions and prediction models for bridge noise. \nIn this paper some examples are given of motorway bridges, their acoustic characteristics and potential noise control measures and their effect. Prediction of the overall noise emission still contains uncertainties depending on the models and measurements available. The actual noise level depends on the excitation by the vehicle, the dynamics and sound radiation of the deck and girders, and the acoustics of the space between the bridge deck and the water below.\n

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