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Conference_programme: 25.3 - Noise from bridges and bridge joints

Lecture: Noise nuisance caused by movable steel bridges

Author(s): De Graaff Erik, Tollenaar Christiaan

The Netherlands is a densely populated country with a lot of waterways. The road network therefor contains a lot of bridges. Some of these are movable steel bridges. Especially these movable steel bridges recently caused a rise in the complaints on road traffic noise annoyance. The reason for the increased noise annoyance is partly related to the increased amount of heavy traffic driving on relatively old bridges. Remarkably, however, that more often complaints arise after reconstruction work on the bridge or on the adjacent road surface. Reducing the noise emission of one part may highlight the remaining noise emission of the other and therefor increase the annoyance. We have recently investigated several movable bridges with respect to their noise and vibration behavior. There are a lot of insights obtained in these studies with regard to the assessment of the bridge, the causes of the noise annoyance, and the possible solutions. This article shares some recent insights on the annoyance of steel movable bridges and some potential solutions are given. Additionally some improvements to the measurement protocol are proposed.

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Name: Mr Erik de Graaff

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Country: Netherlands