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Conference_programme: 4.2 - Aircraft/Helicopter Noise

Lecture: The new EU helicopter noise model NORAH

Author(s): Van Oosten Nico, Meliveo Luis

To support the monitoring activities required by the European Environmental Noise Directive (END) as well as ICAO noise standard setting, an adequate noise modelling capability is required that encompasses all types of aircraft, including rotorcraft. However, the international guidance to model aircraft noise - such as ICAO Doc 9911, ECAC Doc 29 - is limited to fixed-wing aircraft, thus not covering rotorcraft. The interim approach in the Environmental Noise Directive (END) is to handle helicopters as a fixed-wing aircraft. Although this assumption has been considered to be acceptable when used at macroscopic level, it lacks in robustness when applied to the assessment of airport noise or other urban noise. A more robust modelling method, better accounting for the specific noise characteristics of helicopters, is therefore required.\n\nUnder a DG-MOVE contract a state-of-the-art methodology to model noise emissions of helicopter operations was developed. An extensive flight test campaign was performed to obtain a noise database for a range of relevant operational conditions for 8 different helicopter types. The calculation method and the noise database were implemented in the new EU helicopter noise model NORAH (NOise of Rotorcraft Assessed by a Hemisphere-approach). \n\nThis paper presents the main characteristics and capabilities of NORAH.\n

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