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Euronoise 2018: 17.6 - Predicting vibration / impact / structure-borne sound in buildings

Lecture: Measurements of impact force excitation on wooden floors

Author(s): Lietzén Jesse, Miettinen Juha, Kylliäinen Mikko, Pajunen Sami

Impact sound insulation is measured using the ISO tapping machine as a sound source. However, the interaction between the tapping machine and the structure highly depends on the floor, and thus, the force excitation of the floor cannot be generalized for all floor systems. Several models describing the impact force generated by the tapping machine have been presented in the literature. However, only few measurement results of the impact force it generates have been reported in the literature. This paper presents a method for measuring the impact force excitation generated by the ISO tapping machine with an instrumented tapping machine as well as preliminary experimental results. The measurements were carried out on a wooden floor structure (CLT) with and without floor covering at five positions per structure. For each measurement, a spectrum of impact force excitation was determined. Moreover, the improvement of impact sound insulation ΔL of the floor covering was calculated on the basis of the force spectra and compared with the standard results.

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Name: Mr Jesse Lietzén

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Country: Finland