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Conference_programme: 17.3 - Influence of construction details on sound insulation of light-weight and wooden building


Author(s): Papaioannou Maria, Karagiannis John, Badogiannis Efstratios, Sotiropoulou Alexandra, Poulakos George

Freedom from noise is a significant design parameter for the environmentally friendly educational workplace, and determines considerably construction detailing. Indeed, in school classrooms it is essential to reach adequate ratings of sound insulation for dividing walls, and control flanking transmission paths. Over the past few decades prefabricated concrete school buildings have been developed at home as well as internationally. Unlike ordinary concrete buildings which are made up of wholesome (monolithic) structure, prefabricated buildings are set up of jointed building components. This can be a limiting factor for the sound insulation ratings achieved, since joints are potential paths of flanking transmission. This limitation can be even more pronounced apparently with joints of reusable prefabricated building components. This type of buildings have been developed in the Hellenic market and offer the advantage of possible building relocation whenever this is called for; for instance with fast changing densities of popularity, after earthquakes, etc. The aim of the present study is to determine the sound insulation performance of concrete wall partitions in school buildings of the said type, in Athens.\nAcoustic measurements were carried out in the field. A sample of seven dividing partitions of classrooms were used from one school. Sound insulation was also predicted using appropriate prediction models. Analysis of the measured data leads to useful results about the field performance of prefabricated concrete wall partitions and confirms the reliability of prediction models. The importance of meticulous sealing at joints is also demonstrated.

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