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Conference_programme: 17.2 - Low frequency sound insulation

Lecture: Damping of CLT elements in the low frequency regime

Author(s): Morandi Federica, D'Orazio Dario, Barbaresi Luca

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels and their mechanical features have been the object of extensive investigation works. CLT panels are orthotropic and are characterised by a high internal loss factor. When it comes to low frequencies, the mechanical behaviour of these panels becomes critical to investigate because they show a modal behaviour up to 200 Hz, frequency which is very close to the first coincidence, related to the stiffer direction. Therefore this work investigates the use of several methods for the determination of the structural reverberation time in the low frequency range: the standard backward integration method, an envelope-based method, the analysis on the slope of the resonance peaks and Bayesian approaches. The goal is to determine the differences among these methods and evaluate which one is more closely related to the mechanical behaviour of CLT elements.

Corresponding author

Name: Dr Federica Morandi

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Country: Italy