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Conference_programme: 17.2 - Low frequency sound insulation

Lecture: Facade sound insulation of residential houses within 5 - 5000 Hz

Author(s): Keränen Jukka, Hakala Jarkko, Hongisto Valtteri

Health-based regulations for indoor sound pressure level (SPL) within 20–200 Hz presuppose that the planners of industrial sites shall estimate the indoor SPL of environmental noise in nearby dwellings. However, data about typical façade sound insulation is not available in Finland. The aim of the study was to determine façade sound insulation of typical Finnish residential houses. Level difference between outdoor and indoor sound pressure level was measured in 1/3-octave bands 5–5000 Hz using special loudspeakers as sound sources. The measurements were made for 26 façades in 13 different houses. The apparent sound reduction index for the façades was determined according to ISO 16283-3 in 50–5000 Hz. The weighted apparent sound reduction indices, R´w + Ctr (ISO 717-1), varied between 31 and 51 dB. The level differences were from 3 to 40 dB within 20–200 Hz, and from -3 to 30 dB within 5–16 Hz. The results depended strongly on frequency, building materials, window area, and measurement positions. The 84% percentile value of the 26 measured level differences can be used to estimate the indoor SPL caused by environmental noise which is usually determined outdoors by sound propagation models.

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Corresponding author

Name: Dr Jukka Keränen

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Country: Finland