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Conference_programme: 17.2 - Low frequency sound insulation

Lecture: Survey on low frequency impact sound insulation of timber hollow box floors

Author(s): Homb Anders, Conta Simone

A Norwegian project aims at developing long span lightweight floors for timber buildings with increased spatial flexibility. In the developing phase, the main focus is set on timber hollow box floors. Initially, solutions utilizing the wood box cavity and a resilient top floor is of major interest. The major challenge regarding impact sound insulation is expected to be at low and medium frequencies. To establish the current state of the art and build a better understanding of the available solutions, measurement data on similar floor solutions were collected internationally. The presentation will give an overview of measurement results on commercial hollow box floors, focusing on the frequency range below 500 Hz. Analysis will be given with respect to for instance stiffness properties, mass, resonance frequencies and properties of involved resilient products. Some results will be compared with predictions based on relevant analytical equations. Finally, an assessment will be given on necessary research and investigation steps for verifying the impact sound insulation properties of such hollow box floors.

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Name: Dr Anders Homb

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Country: Norway