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Conference_programme: 17.2 - Low frequency sound insulation

Lecture: Acoustic measurements on water waste installations and solutions to limit residents annoyance

Author(s): Guigou Carter Catherine, Ducruet Pascal, Bailhache Simon, Yang Hong-Seok

Acoustic measurements have been carried out on water waste pipes under different mounting configurations. The vertical pipe can be either straight or bended (with two 45° bends); a horizontal pipe is also considered. The laboratory measurements are performed following the EN 14366 standard allowing to evaluate the structure-borne sound characteristic level and the normalized airborne sound pressure level for each configuration. The attachments to the supporting wall (vertical pipe) or floor (horizontal pipe) are either rigid or “acoustic” i.e. including a resilient element. The effect of cementing the pipe to the top and bottom floors of the laboratory is also evaluated. Constant flow rates of 0.5, 1, 2 and 4 l/s are taken into account, as well as a water discharge corresponding to a flushing toilet. The effects of the different configurations, mounting conditions, and water circulations are presented, analyzed and discussed. These laboratory data are then used in the CSTB AcouBat software in order to evaluate air-borne and structure-borne noise levels associated with such water waste installation and assess different solutions in order to limit residents annoyance (comfort level Class B of the ISO/DIS 19488 for service equipment noise).

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