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Conference_programme: 17.1 - Façade Insulation and protection against outdoor noise

Lecture: Acoustical properties of hemp concretes for buildings thermal insulation

Author(s): Glé Philippe, Degrave-Lemeurs Matthias, Hellouin De Menibus Arthur

This presentation deals with the acoustical performance of hemp-lime and hemp-clay dedicated to building thermal insulation. The work is based on statistically robust experimental results from more than 100 hemp-clay samples, together with the analysis of a large hemp-lime database. A modelling approach is also developed to provide a general overview of the materials.\nIn hemp-clay mixes, our experimental results show the concentration of hemp in a mix has a first order effect on the acoustical performance,\nwhile binder fluidity and clay type have no significant effect. Another conclusion of this study is that hemp-clay and hemp-lime behave acoustically in a same way. For both materials, experimental sound absorption and transmission curves can be modelled with a physical-based four-parameters\napproach. The close agreement between experimental measurements and modelling highlights the good level of understanding of the physical phenomena responsible for the acoustical behavior of hemp concrete.\nA classification is finally proposed in terms of density to be used as a general guideline to evaluate or optimize the acoustical performances of hemp-based concrete.

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Name: Dr Philippe Glé

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