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Conference_programme: 17.1 - Façade Insulation and protection against outdoor noise

Lecture: Influence of the dynamic stiffness of external thermal insulation on the sound insulation of walls

Author(s): Urbán Daniel, Zaťko Peter, Roozen Nicolaas Bernardus, Muellner Herbert, Glorieux Christ

The impact of ETICS (external thermal insulation composite system) on the wall airborne sound insulation has been shown to be substantial. Till now, there no guideline has been proposed for engineers on how to optimize the ETICS parameters from point of view of sound insulation. In this paper we focus on the influence of the different dynamic stiffness of the thermal insulation layer on the sound insulation spectrum of wall. Several types of thermal insulation layers have been investigated by simulations and experiments.

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Corresponding author

Name: Dr Daniel Urbán

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Country: Slovakia (Slovak Republic)