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Conference_programme: 17.1 - Façade Insulation and protection against outdoor noise

Lecture: Influence of the opening degree of the windows on their acoustic insulation

Author(s): Zaharia Marta Cristina, Alexe Ioana Mihaela, Ene Ciprian , Iordache Vlad, Petcu Cristian

The health of people inside residential buildings also depends on the acoustic comfort they have. Protection against urban noise is achieved through a judicious design of the facades of civil buildings that are made of opaque construction elements and glazed building elements.\nThe acoustic insulation of the facades of civil buildings depends on the acoustic insulation made by each component element of the facade, which is both the opaque part and the glazed side.\nIn the 87PED – ACOUPERM research project laboratory experiments were carried out on several types of windows with different opening positions.\nThe results of the studies show that in the case of the glazed elements - the windows - the acoustic insulation made by them depends very much on the type and the characteristics (dimensional, etc.) of the materials from which they are manufactured, as well as the degree of sealing on the contour, respectively the degree of opening of them.\n

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Name: Dr Marta Cristina Zaharia

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Country: Romania