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Conference_programme: 17.1 - Façade Insulation and protection against outdoor noise

Lecture: Assessment of sound insulation of sealing solutions, window slits and openings

Author(s): Homb Anders

The Norwegian building code puts requirements on noise protection in new buildings from exterior noise sources. For residential buildings as well as schools, hotels, hospitals and offices, minimum requirements are given according to tabulated values in the Norwegian Standard NS 8175. The sound insulation properties are very often limited by the window solutions and valve openings. During decades, the sound insulation of sealing solutions of windows and glass facade solution have been an important acoustic topic. An additional topic for some years have been limitations due to window slits and openings for ventilation of sleeping rooms in residential buildings. During the last years, introduction of hybrid or naturally ventilated buildings introduce a third argument for studying the sound transmission through slits and openings. Due to the Norwegian requirement also for office buildings, research are needed on this topic. The paper presents a collection of results from different projects regarding airborne sound insulation of sealing solutions, window slits and openings. These measurements are from laboratory investigations from a number of single skin units and one double skin unit. A selection of results will be compared with predictions based on analytical equations relevant for this purpose. Several parameters are included in the calculations, but the geometrical parameters describing the slits and openings play an essential part of it. Finally, an assessment will be given on the necessity of developing improved tools and solutions especially for ventilated facade solutions.

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Name: Dr Anders Homb

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Country: Norway