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Conference_programme: 16: Railway noise

Lecture: Tram-traffic noise attenuation through interrail absorbers

Author(s): Kamenicky Milan, Lumnitzer Ervin, Hricova Beata

In city agglomerations, tram is a frequent means of transport. In some cases, it is a sound source that significantly affects the noise load, especially in densely populated agglomeration areas. A variety of measures are currently being used to reduce the noise burden coused by tram operations. The paper presents results of development of interrail absorbers, which mainly consists of recycled materials predominantly from automobile production. The paper will present the results of laboratory tests and in-situ measurements, before and after installing the absorbers along a tram railway in an agglomeration.\nKey words: tramway transportation, noise, interrail absorber, measurement.

Corresponding author

Name: Mr Milan Kamenicky

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Country: Slovakia (Slovak Republic)