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Conference_programme: 16: Railway noise

Lecture: CRoNoS railway rolling noise prediction tool: wheelset model assessment

Author(s): Guiral Ainara, Blanco Blas, Iturritxa Egoitz, Alonso Asier

Rolling noise predictions strongly depend on the theoretical models used. In this paper the impact of modelling a whole wheelset instead of a stand-alone wheel will be assessed. The theoretical model in order to derive the dynamics of a wheelset is integrated in CAF Rolling Noise Software (CRoNoS). Results are compared to a reference case which represents the typical way in which rolling noise predictions are made. As such, in the reference case, the wheelset dynamics is reduced to that of a stand-alone wheel and the track consists in an analytical continuously supported model. The impact of using a more accurate theoretical approach of wheelset is highlighted in terms of sound power level, where significant differences in spectral results have been found.

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