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Conference_programme: 16.2 - Rail Traffic Noise and Vibration: modelling and measurement

Lecture: Whisswall, a sound diffractor on a low height noise barrier: experimental testing

Author(s): Schwanen Wout, Yntema Nils, Wijnand Ysbrand

In the Netherlands there is a great demand for noise reducing measures to fulfill noise legislation and to reduce annoyance of traffic noise. The company 4Silence developed a sound diffracting element on a low height noise barrier (Whisswall). The sound diffracting element is a metal element with cavities that is placed alongside the railway track. The diffracting element deflects the noise in an upward direction, creating a zone of noise reduction behind the element. It can therefore act as a complement to existing noise-reducing measures and can be optimized for maximum noise reduction.\nA test setup has been achieved along the railway track in the Netherlands and sound measurements have been conducted. This paper shows the approach of the measurements and the results. The Whisswall is a promising sound reducing measure that can achieve a significant noise reduction\n

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Name: Mr Wout Schwanen

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Country: Netherlands