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Conference_programme: 16.2 - Rail Traffic Noise and Vibration: modelling and measurement

Lecture: Unobserved long-term measurements of railway noise

Author(s): Körper Steffen, Appel Percy, Weinandy Rene

Railway noise is an important issue in Germany and the EU and is often called the Achilles’ heel of the otherwise energy-efficient transport system. \nThe measurement of traffic noise is described in the German standard DIN 45642 “Measurement of Traffic Noise”. Measurements for the certification process of trains are regulated in TSI noise and ISO 3095. So far there is no standardization for unobserved long-term measurements of railway noise.\nIn Germany, several citizens’ initiatives and environment agencies have installed long-term measurement stations beside railways. As there is no definition of the exact measurement procedure or acoustical surroundings for unobserved long-term measurements, every measuring station carries out different results that are not comparable.\nMeanwhile, the German government decided that iron cast break-blocks used in freight-wagons must be replaced by composite break-blocks by the end of 2020. The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, BMVI, wants to evaluate the effect of the measure by unobserved long-term measurements.\nThe expert report “Strategies for Effective Reduction of Rail Freight Noise”, published by the German Environment Agency, shows how an effective measurement system can be implemented in Germany. Moreover the German Institute for Standardization works on the new standard DIN 38452 “long-term measurements of railway noise”.\n\nThis talk will give an overview of the technical specifications for unobserved long-term measurement stations for railway noise.

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