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Conference_programme: 16.2 - Rail Traffic Noise and Vibration: modelling and measurement

Lecture: Noise abatement on tramways in urban areas

Author(s): Weinandy Rene, Appel Percy

One of the most important environmental issues in densely populated areas is the problem of noise. Traffic noise from cars, railway vehicles and airports located in close proximity to the city is not only annoying for residents; it also leads to serious health issues and has an enormous negative economic impact. Due to this, it is of primary importance for city planners, engineers and politicians to make our cities quieter. The research project “Reducing the noise of tramways in urban areas” – initiated and supervised by the German Environment Agency – investigates potential noise abatement technologies and its implementation for tramways in Germany. Urban areas are growing worldwide and due to the resulting progressive consolidation, public transport including tramways will expand rapidly and subsequently raise severe environmental problems, i.e. noise. In order to protect the people, it is important to operate public transport as quiet as possible. However, the current legal, technical and economic conditions in Germany are only partially suitable to achieve that. Therefore, the research project investigates technical and operational concepts for noise abatement of tramways, possibilities of constructional sound insulation and legal aspects for the implementation of noise abatement measures. It is to be stated, that innovative noise abatement measures are already existing. However, under the given conditions they will spread only slowly into the market. The presentation identifies and describes obstacles for the market penetration, operational problems, maintenance and legislation. Moreover, concrete solutions will be presented, their feasibility assessed and the actors named.

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Name: Dr Rene Weinandy

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Country: Germany