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Conference_programme: 16.2 - Rail Traffic Noise and Vibration: modelling and measurement

Lecture: Vibrations induced by metro in sensitive buildings; experimental and numerical results

Author(s): Pierre Ropars, Xavier Vuylsteke , Eric Augis

Environmental studies performed in the framework of the Grand Paris Project \nlead to assess the influence of the vibration on several buildings for various assumptions. \nThese studies also concern more sensitive structures such as laboratories, \nhospitals or theatres for which a comprehensive study is often required. \nIt includes an experimental measurement of ground-building transfer functions \nand of ground mechanical properties, as well as a 3 dimensional finite element \nmodelling of the entire problem (i.e. ground, tunnel, piles foundation and building). \nThe computation of the transfer functions is performed with FemRail, an internal software\n developed by SYSTRA. This software enables to deal with three dimensional elastodynamics \n multi domain problems. It is a Python code which can easily handles several millions of \n degrees of freedom on a classical workstation. The comparison between the experimental \n transfer functions and the numerical calculations allows us to readjust some parameters \n such as the dissipation parameters. Both experimental and numerical data are introduced \n in this paper.

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