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Conference_programme: 16.2 - Rail Traffic Noise and Vibration: modelling and measurement

Lecture: a Norwegian approach for planning and modeling optimization

Author(s): Aasen Trygve

To accommodate the increase in population in urban areas, cities seek to develop real estate in close proximity to railway infrastructure and transportation hubs. At the same time, massive railway projects to extend or build new high-speed tracks and stations in densely populated areas are in the planning and construction stages. To improve on how we deal with railway noise the Norwegian railway infrastructure manager, Bane NOR, look at the synergistic effect of developing three key areas: railway noise modeling, on-track mitigation measures and railway noise guidelines.\n \n• Noise calculation and modeling – improving method, source data and modeling, thus ensuring a more representative noise propagation accuracy and basis for utilizing on-track and trackside mitigation measures\n• On-track mitigation measures – establishing a “toolbox” that in combination with an improved calculation method, highlights the benefits of state-of-the-art on-track mitigation measures, track design optimization and preventative maintenance\n• Railway noise guidelines – research-based approach to better safeguard against annoyance and sleep disturbance\n\nThe presentation aims to highlight the development process with examples of how this approach will improve the way we deal with the issue of railway noise in Norway.

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