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Conference_programme: 16.2 - Rail Traffic Noise and Vibration: modelling and measurement

Lecture: Revision of the EN 15610 - Wheel roughness measurements

Author(s): Lutzenberger Stefan, Aubin Fabrice, Czolbe Christian, Eichenlaub Christoph , Jones Chris, Letourneaux Fabien, Stegemann Bert

The EN 15610 (Railway applications - Noise emission - Rail roughness measurement related to rolling noise generation) was published in 2009 to support the European legislation for train noise limits. The standard has been revised over the last two years. As the rail roughness measurements have proved to be reliable and are well understood in practice, the main revision has been the inclusion of wheel roughness. The wheel roughness is an important input quantity to the rolling noise generation, however no standardized procedure exists for this task. \n \nTo gather information about the procedure and comparability a measurement exercise was made with different available wheel roughness devices on the same wheelsets of one bogie. The results of this measurement exercise are presented in a separate abstract.\n\nThe key provisions for wheel roughness measurements are the measuring system requirements, the data acquisition, the data processing, the presentation of the data and the reporting. Furthermore the standard provides calibration frame work (issues, concepts) and measurement uncertainties calculation method.\nThe concepts behind these topics will be explained as well as background information helpful to apply the revised standard.\n

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