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Conference_programme: 16.1 - Rail Traffic Noise and Vibration

Lecture: Psychoacoustic study on the acceptance of train passings after rail grinding

Author(s): Huth Christine, Eberlei Geske, Liepert Manfred, Kempinger Thomas

Maintenance by rail grinding can lead to annoying tonal components for the trains passing the tracks shortly after the grinding campaign. In our contribution for the Internoise 2017 a concept of a psychoacoustic study for noise optimized rail grinding was presented. \nThe results of the psychoacoustic investigation on the acceptance of train passings with strong tonal components will be presented in the following. To produce different stimuli with gradually differing tonal components the train passing with strong tonal components were added in different ratios with a train passing without tonal components measured on a reference track. Additionally, various low pass filter were applied on the “tonal train passing”. In listening sessions the threshold of acceptance for these stimuli has been detected by using the method of Random Access. The subjective data will be discussed in relation to the spectral modifications and the actual differences in A-weighted level.\n

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Name: Dr Christine Huth

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Country: Germany