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Conference_programme: 15: Noise mapping

Lecture: END-mapping building block environmental noise information in The Netherlands

Author(s): Lolkema Dorien, De Gruijter Dolf, Bergmans Dick

The new Dutch Environment and Planning Act is one integral environmental law to protect and effectively plan the living environment. It aims to simplify environmental legislation, approaches the living environment as one integral system, widens local administrative room to manoeuvre, and means to accelerate and improve decision making. To support this process, the Environment and Planning Act will be supported by one Digital System for all users. This Digital System is to supply all environmental data in a ready-to-use manner for land use planning, the licensing process and to inform the general public. Ready-to-use is key to minimize investigation efforts for the users of this system.\nAlong with the new Dutch Environment and Planning Act, Dutch noise legislation is being revised. The revised legislation will incorporate European legislation on environmental noise. END-mapping will be a building block for environmental noise information and mapping in The Netherlands. Information on and mapping of the present-day situation as well as the licensed situation will be supported by the Digital System. This allows for a large number of applications, amongst which showing noise exceedances as well as noise capacity. By incorporating European legislation, END-mapping will be automatically part of the Dutch environmental noise information and mapping as supported by the Digital System.\nIn this presentation, a first look-and-feel of the environmental noise information and mapping system will be shown, along with a couple of application examples.

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Country: Netherlands