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Conference_programme: 15.2 - The New CNOSSOS calculation method for environmental noise of road / railway / industrial noise

Lecture: CNOSSOS and industrial noise

Author(s): Witte Rob

The CNOSSOS calculation scheme has been tested with regard to industrial noise against measurements and the Dutch calculation scheme HMRI, which has much in common with the ISO 9613-2. The results are disturbing, with noise levels increasing on average with 7 dB. This is only partly due to the lack of foliage and industrial sites attenuation in CNOSSOS, and because sound power calculations are based on the inverse propagation from the HMRI. Calculations in residential areas show that no screening was present according to CNOSSOS, while the HMRI screening was well above 10 dB. This was discovered in other Dutch tests for road and rail traffic as well. But the main difference can be explained by the ground reflection attenuation and meteorological correction. An overview will be given on these matters.

Corresponding author

Name: Mr Rob Witte

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Country: Netherlands