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Conference_programme: 15.2 - The New CNOSSOS calculation method for environmental noise of road / railway / industrial noise

Lecture: Evaluation and Validation of the CNOSSOS calculation method in the Netherlands

Author(s): Van Leeuwen Hans J.A. , Vergoed Tim

The new harmonized European calculation method, CNOSSOS-EU, was published in May 2015. This method defines new algorithms for creating strategic noise load maps. The new calculation method should be adapted to national legislation before the end of 2018, and applied in the next round of 2022.\nIn the Netherlands, the CNOSSOS method was also examined with regard to the application for legal purposes. Examples of these purposes are limiting the maximum emission of a road, a railway and an industrial area, and controlling the maximum immission values on façades of houses and other noise-sensitive buildings. This means that there is a so-called narrow or broad implementation of the CNOSSOS method. \nEvaluations and validations were carried out for this project. Parts of the calculation method have been tested for plausible results, also in comparison with the existing Dutch SRM2 calculation method for road and rail and the Dutch HMRI calculation method for industrial sources. A report on definitions of quality was the background for these evaluations. The validations were carried out by comparing the complete CNOSSOS method 'as is' with noise measurements in the field. Long-term measurements were preferred for this task. The predefined emission values were important for the validations, but also the demand for the necessary adjustment of these values.\nThe paper/presentation gives the findings of the work, the results of this evaluation and validation and also the conclusion for the narrow or broad application in the Netherlands.\n

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