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Conference_programme: 15.2 - The New CNOSSOS calculation method for environmental noise of road / railway / industrial noise

Lecture: Toward quality-assured software implementations of NMPB 2008 (AFNOR NFS 31-133:2011) for the calculation of outdoor noise propagation

Author(s): Glé Philippe, Dutilleux Guillaume

In the framework of ISO/TC 43/SC 1/WG 56 Working Group, the ISO 17534 series of standards and technical reports is being developed to deal with the quality assured implementation of calculation methods for the outdoor noise propagation. The ISO 17534 series is currently composed of two general documents (ISO 17534-1 and -2) as well as a technical report (TR) dedicated to ISO 9613-2 propagation method (ISO 17534-3). A new TR dealing with CNOSSOS-EU is currently focusing the attention of the WG.\nIn connection with this WG, and in the wake of the publication of NMPB 2008 method (standardized in AFNOR NFS 31-133:2011 French standard), similar works have been carried out in France. On the one hand, a number of additional recommendations were prepared to correct mistakes or clarify ambiguities present in NFS 31-133:2011 document, in order to reduce the risk of a mistakes in the implementation of this standard. On the other hand, a set of test-cases has been defined and documented in order to help software developers check the good implementation of this method, taking as a basis ISO 17534-3 format and content. In these test-cases, specificities of NFS 31-133 are checked such as long distance propagation, industrial source description, embankments, retrodiffraction, vehicle body-barrier interaction.\nThe paper proposed to this session aims at presenting this work in close articulation with CNOSSOS-EU implementation.

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