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Conference_programme: 15.1 - Strategic Environmental Noise Mapping for Urban Agglomerations and Airports

Lecture: How to deal with noise map calculation models in Brazil

Author(s): Carniel Haryadne, Pozzer Talita, Holtz Marcos, Akkerman Davi

Due to the entry into force in 2016 of the law that establishes the elaboration of a noise map for the city of São Paulo-Brazil, the necessity of research in this area has increased because the shortcoming information on how to develop it in Brazil. In this context, a crucial factor is that there are not environmental noise calculation standards for the Brazilian cities characteristics. This paper presents a study comparing simulations by European methods of calculation with field measurements from a São Paulo’s neighborhood. The main objective is to investigate the difficulties and propose solutions when considering all the inputs that might be taken into account when elaborating the first noise map of such unique city.

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Corresponding author

Name: Ms Haryadne Carniel

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Country: Brazil