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Conference_programme: 15.1 - Strategic Environmental Noise Mapping for Urban Agglomerations and Airports

Lecture: LIFE DYNAMAP: making dynamic noise maps a reality

Author(s): Bellucci Patrizia, Peruzzi Laura , Zambon Giovanni

In 2014 the LIFE DYNAMAP project moved its first steps towards the development of a system able to detect and represent in real time the acoustic impact of road infrastructures. Aim of this project is to ease and speed up the update of noise maps that, according to the European Directive 2002/49/EC on environmental noise, shall be delivered every five years. To that end, an automatic monitoring system, based on customized low-cost sensors and a software tool implemented in a general-purpose GIS platform, was developed and built in two pilot areas located along the A90 motorway that surrounds the city of Rome (Italy) and inside the agglomeration of Milan (Italy). After three years working, focused on the design of the system, the development of hardware and software components and the construction of the test sites, the project partners are now involved in the evaluation of the system technical performance, to assess its reliability, effectiveness and efficiency. Some adjustments are already under way to calibrate and optimize the system, taking into account also people response (technicians, stakeholders and citizens) in consulting and managing the DYNAMAP platform.\nIn this paper a general overview of the project, of its progress and of the main results achieved are described.

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