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Conference_programme: 15.1 - Strategic Environmental Noise Mapping for Urban Agglomerations and Airports

Lecture: Implementation of Noise Barriers in Attiki Odos Motorway based on the relevant Strategic Noise Mapping and Noise Action Plan

Author(s): Vogiatzis Konstantinos, Zafiropoulou Vassiliki

Attiki Odos Motorway (the “Athens ring road”) constitutes one of the most important co-financed road projects in Europe, laying the foundations for the execution of a series of successful road concession projects in Greece. As per the Environmental Noise Protection and Monitoring, Attiki Odos has already implemented in 2009-2010 a Strategic Noise Map (SNM) and Noise Action Plan, followed by a full update in 2014 according to the directive 2002/49/EC (END). The updated Noise Action Plan (NAP), foreseen as main actions against road traffic noise, the implementation of reflective transparent noise barriers, partial motorway covers and also urban design tools. In order to validate the results, a comparison of the calculated noise indices Lden & Lnight results with the measured noise levels in more than 150 locations along the motorway - from the annual environmental noise monitoring program - was implemented proving exceptional correlation. According to the most recent results of the noise monitoring program of Attiki Odos during 2017, in the Geographical Section A13 (from K.P.32+600 to K.P.32+980 in both directions), a significant exceedance of levels of the above noise indicators, was documented as well as important residents’ complaints. The Ministry of the Environment and Energy in view of the protection of sensitive receivers has mandated the execution of a Special Environmental Noise Evaluation Study including the implementation of anti-noise barriers limits based on a detailed DTM (Digital Terrain Model) using the CadnaA software. The calculations of both noise indicators levels with and without barrier incorporating of the traffic data and the acoustic measurements were executed and both horizontal and vertical noise maps were performed based on the original SNM & NAP for the scenarios with and without barriers in order to ensure the elimination of noise level exceedances and meet the noise criteria of the Greek legal framework.

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Corresponding author

Name: Prof Konstantinos Vogiatzis

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Country: Greece