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Conference_programme: 14.3 - Acoustic Regulations / Enforcement and Classification for new /existing and retrofitted buildings

Lecture: Open-plan offices - New Finnish room acoustic regulations

Author(s): Hongisto Valtteri, Keränen Jukka

New building acoustic regulations took effect in Finland in 2018. The documents involve unambiguous quantitative target values for the room acoustic quality of offices. The target value for the reverberation time is under 0.60 seconds and for Speech Transmission Index under 0.50. The purpose of this paper is to review the present research evidence causing the emergence of the new regulations, the detailed content of the regulations, and questions that should be clarified in the complementary guidelines published during 2018. Other countries are encouraged to take similar actions in their building regulations.

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Corresponding author

Name: Dr Valtteri Hongisto

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Country: Finland