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Conference_programme: 14.3 - Acoustic Regulations / Enforcement and Classification for new /existing and retrofitted buildings

Lecture: Predicting field impact isolation based on the rating for improvement in high-frequency impact isolation

Author(s): Dong Wayland, Loverde John

A common acoustical design task is to predict the impact rating that will obtain when an existing floor system is modified by adding or changing flooring elements. This work arises often in condominium units, when owners change finish flooring but need to maintain the level of impact isolation, and in adaptive reuse projects, in which existing commercial or industrial buildings are converted to residential use. Some previous prediction attempts have included measurement of mock-up partial flooring installations, but this has not proven satisfactory. Laboratory measurement of the improvement in impact insulation potentially offers a better method. The improvement methods are currently defined in ASTM standards only for concrete assemblies. Here we investigate the improvement in impact insulation due to floor toppings with various wood-framed assemblies to develop an appropriate reference specimen. Experience and theoretical analysis indicate that the improvement is limited to the frequency range above 400 Hz. Therefore, the authors recently introduced the ΔHIIC rating [LoVerde and Dong, Development of a rating for evaluating the improvement in high-frequency impact isolation, Proc. ICSV24, London (2017)], an improvement rating limited to high frequencies, which may result in more reliable predictions of future impact isolation.

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