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Conference_programme: 14.3 - Acoustic Regulations / Enforcement and Classification for new /existing and retrofitted buildings

Lecture: Room and building acoustic regulations and directives in Hungary – Revisions and new requirements

Author(s): Arato-Borsi Eva, Nagy Attila Balázs, Illyes Laszlo

This paper gives an overview about the current state of Hungarian regulation and standardization in the field of building and room acoustics. \n\nSound insulation requirements in buildings are defined in two standards that were created in 2007. The first part covers the internal sound insulation requirements – both airborne and impact –, whilst the second standard deals with facade sound insulation. After 10 years of application, although their basic concept has proved to be practical, a revision was necessary. The revision of the standard was initialized by the Hungarian chamber of Engineers. The aim was to correct, extend and clarify ambiguous parts and uncertainties and to comply both new architectural and European standardization trends. In this paper we give a summary on the status of the ongoing revision.\n\nIn case of room acoustics, there hasn’t been any regulation or standardized design criteria in Hungary up until recently. As the demand for acoustical comfort in the building industry is becoming more and more important, regulations and standards are needed as the basic tools that define quality metrics and help realize different levels of comfort. For this purpose a new national directive has been created that defines basic requirements of acoustical comfort in premises of different functions. The requirements are twofold: for each different room type where people work and socialize, limits for background noise level and mean reverberation time values are given depending on room volume. For each function an enhanced comfort criteria is also given. This approach conforms to typical international standards and also with the Hungarian standards defining the sound insulation requirements. In this paper we also present this new directive in detail.\n\n

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Name: Ms Eva Arato-Borsi

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Country: Hungary